Carnival Cruise Cancels Port of Call as Cargo Vessel Sinks

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The Carnival Panorama cruise ship has had to change its itinerary due to an incident at the port of Mazatlán. A damaged cargo vessel at the port has caused traffic restrictions, leading the cruise ship to skip its scheduled visit and head to the next port of call for an extended, 2-day visit. The Carnival Panorama is currently on a 7-night roundtrip Mexican Riviera cruise from Long Beach, California. It had already called on Puerto Vallarta and was supposed to visit Mazatlán as the second port of call, followed by Cabo San Lucas. However, due to the port closure, the ship is now skipping Mazatlán and having an overnight stay in Cabo San Lucas instead.

The damaged cargo vessel at the port of Mazatlán, the Chiapas Star, began listing to starboard near the dock and may have touched the bottom. Preliminary reports suggest that improper ballasting and poor maneuvering may have caused the stability loss and listing. Tugboats are currently keeping the vessel stable, and efforts will be made to refloat it. Authorities are working to contain any environmental hazards from the damaged ship and will reopen the port once the vessel is cleared.

The incident at the port of Mazatlán did not involve the Carnival Panorama, and no injuries have been reported. The ship is expected to be the next one to visit Mazatlán on its next sailing, but it is uncertain if the dock area will be cleared and reopened by then. The Carnival Panorama is a Vista-class ship with a capacity of 4,008 guests and 1,450 crew members.

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