Promoting Gender Equality in the Maritime Industry: Advocacy, Challenges, and Opportunities

The Women in Maritime group is advocating for gender equality policies in the industry, particularly for female seafarers. Captain Tarisi Vasuca emphasizes the importance of preparing female students for workplace challenges, such as sharing accommodations with male colleagues. MSAF Board Acting Director Savenaca Cavalevu supports professional development for women in maritime.
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The Women in Maritime organization is advocating for policies that promote gender equality within the maritime industry, particularly focusing on the needs of female seafarers and mariners. Captain Tarisi Vasuca, a member of WIM, emphasizes the importance of preparing female students for the challenges they may face in the workplace, such as sharing accommodations and restrooms with male colleagues due to lack of privacy space on ships.

Savenaca Cavalevu, Acting Director of the MSAF Board, expresses support for efforts to enhance professional development opportunities for women and recognize their contributions across all levels of the maritime sector. The International Day for Women in Maritime will be celebrated on May 18 in Nadi, coinciding with the ongoing Glofouling Awareness Project, which aims to address issues related to biofouling on ships.

Overall, the call for gender equality in the maritime industry highlights the need for policies that promote inclusivity and support the advancement of women in traditionally male-dominated roles. By addressing challenges such as privacy concerns and promoting professional development opportunities, the industry can work towards creating a more equitable and diverse workforce.

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