Reduce Maritime Carbon Emissions with SpotOn’s ACT+ Solution

CMA CGM introduces the Decarbonization Meter: Reduce the carbon footprint of your shipments
SpotOn allows users to request a quote for alternative fuels to reduce CO2 emissions by up to 84%. With the added option of their CARBON OFFSET solution, users can further offset emissions by a net reduction of 20%. This digital feature provides easy access to ACT+, offering low-carbon solutions since 2020.
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SpotOn offers a digital solution for measuring, reducing, and offsetting carbon emissions from maritime transport. Users can request a quote and select the desired level of CO2 emissions reduction through alternative fuels, up to 84%. Additionally, any remaining emissions can be offset using the CARBON OFFSET solution, starting from a net reduction of 20%.

This new feature, called ACT+, provides simplified and seamless access to a range of low-carbon solutions introduced in 2020. It allows users to track and reduce their carbon footprint from maritime activities and receive an official and verified statement detailing their CO2 reduction efforts. SpotOn aims to make it easier for businesses to make environmentally conscious decisions and reduce their impact on the environment through their shipping operations.

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