Collaboration to Develop Enhanced Navigation for Ships

BAR Technologies (BARTech) partners with GROKE Technologies to enhance WindWings® technology for vessels. The collaboration aims to provide autonomous navigation solutions for improved passage at sea and port manoeuvrability. With a focus on low-carbon propulsion systems, the partnership represents a step towards a cleaner and more efficient future for the maritime industry.
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BAR Technologies (BARTech) has partnered with GROKE Technologies to design systems for BAR’s WindWings® technology, aiming to enhance autonomous navigation for vessels at sea and in ports. The collaboration has already been implemented on the Pyxis Ocean, chartered by Cargill, with positive results since its installation in August 2023. Groke Pro, with its sensor fusion technology and machine learning capabilities, provides excellent situational awareness for vessel crews, supporting decision-making for safer voyages.

John Cooper, CEO of BAR Technologies, sees the partnership with Groke as a significant step towards a cleaner and more efficient future for the maritime industry. By combining low-carbon propulsion with advanced automation technologies, the collaboration aims to address challenges in operability and support the industry’s evolution. Juha Rokka, CEO of Groke Technologies, emphasizes their commitment to supporting the shipping industry in achieving higher safety standards and a cleaner future through innovative technology solutions.

As the maritime industry transitions to low-carbon propulsion systems and digitalizes fleet management, the need for advanced technology solutions like Groke Pro becomes increasingly important. These solutions help optimize WindWings® technology, enhancing operational efficiency and ensuring the safety of seafarers. BAR Technologies’ dedication to integrating cutting-edge technology underscores their commitment to a safer, more efficient, and technologically advanced future for the shipping industry.

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