Containership Collides with Cranes While Docking in Turkey

A Hong Kong-registered containership collided with large container cranes at a port in Turkey, injuring one crane operator. The incident occurred as the 145,000 dwt vessel, YM Witness, attempted to dock but failed to stop. Videos show the chaotic scene as the cranes toppled over, with containers falling into the harbor.
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A Hong Kong-registered containership, the YM Witness, collided with large container cranes at a private container port in Kocaeli, Turkey. The incident occurred as the vessel was maneuvering to dock, and reports initially indicated that no one was injured. However, Turkish media later stated that the operator of one of the cranes was seriously injured in the accident. The containership, built in 2015 and operated by Yang Ming, measures 1,207 feet in length and has a capacity of 14,000 TEU.

Despite having a pilot aboard, the YM Witness was unable to stop its forward motion and collided with the cranes at a steep angle, causing them to topple over. The impact also resulted in several containers falling from the vessel into the harbor. Videos of the incident show dockworkers running as the cranes collapse, prompting a response from local police and fire departments. An investigation is currently underway to determine the cause of the accident.

The Port Authority in Kocaeli, Turkey, is assessing the damage caused by the collision between the containership and the cranes. The dramatic incident, which took place on a Saturday afternoon, has raised concerns about safety measures and protocols in place at the port. The injured crane operator is receiving medical attention, highlighting the potential risks involved in maritime operations and the importance of ensuring the safety of personnel and equipment in such environments.

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