Dali crew experienced emotional distress: Seafarers’ unions

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The cargo ship Dali crashed into the Francis Scott Key Bridge in the post-midnight darkness of March 26, prompting a massive rescue and recovery operation. Construction workers repairing potholes on the bridge were killed when it collapsed upon impact. The crew of the Dali felt helpless and sorrowful, expressing sadness for the loss of life. Their cellphones were confiscated by the FBI as part of the investigation into the incident, leaving them distressed.

Stranded in the Patapsco River, the crew of the Dali is surrounded by cranes, salvage operations, and other vessels. They have received replacement phones but are missing personal information and fear being “criminalized” over the incident. The unions representing the crew are calling for the return of their cellphones and advocating for their rights and welfare during the investigation. The crew has been cooperative with law enforcement and is in need of shore leave once the ship returns to port.

The crew members, mostly from India, have been assisted by various organizations such as the Seamen’s Church Institute, the Baltimore International Seafarers’ Center, and the Apostleship of the Sea. These groups have been advocating for the crew’s well-being and calling for the return of their cellphones. The crew has been treating well by the company and other agencies, but their mental health and rights are a top priority for the unions representing them.

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