Green Shipping May Lead to Huge Job Growth

Green Shipping Could Launch Massive Jobs Boom
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The Global Maritime Forum predicts that the global shipping industry could create over four million clean jobs in the coming decades as it moves towards decarbonization. This transition to zero-emission marine fuels is expected to double the number of people employed by shipping and the maritime supply chain from two million to four million by 2050. Renewable energy generation, hydrogen production, and e-fuel production are identified as critical areas where opportunities for new jobs could emerge.

The 2030s are projected to be a defining decade for the industry, with between 1.5 million and three million new jobs expected to be created. Alternative fuels, particularly e-fuels based on hydrogen, are anticipated to play a significant role in meeting shipping’s demand. To support this transition, massive investments in renewable infrastructure, hydrogen production, and fuel production facilities will be necessary, which will have a positive impact on creating green jobs and benefiting the wider economy.

The report emphasizes the potential for creating large numbers of highly skilled green jobs, with many of these jobs being transferable to other sectors to support further decarbonization. The building up of renewable energy capacity is identified as the most significant contributor to job creation, with opportunities in manufacturing component parts, construction and installation of generation infrastructure, and operations and maintenance of facilities.

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