Discussions on the Future of the UK Marine Robotics Sector Take Place at London International Shipping Week

Future Of UKs Marine Robotics Sector To Be Debated At London International Shipping Week
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The Society of Maritime Industries (SMI) is organizing an event during London International Shipping Week to boost the marine robotics sector in the UK. The event, titled ‘Creating a Leading Edge – Accelerating Autonomy to Unlock UK Opportunity’, will bring together small businesses driving the sector with the Maritime & Coastguard Agency. It will present the results of two workshops conducted by the SMI, focusing on how designers, manufacturers, and operators of marine robotics can collaborate safely.

Tom Chant, CEO of SMI, emphasized the need for a clear growth path and streamlined regulations to ensure the UK maintains its position as a leader in autonomous marine systems (MAS). He highlighted the importance of regulation keeping pace with innovation and new technologies without compromising safety. Peter Collinson, SMI member and founder of MAS and decarbonization consultancy Dendrityca, expressed concerns that the UK MAS sector is losing momentum due to problematic legislation and a risk-averse industry. Collinson emphasized the significantly lower CO2 emissions, fuel consumption, and running costs of MAS equipment, which can reduce emissions by up to 99%.

The event aims to address the challenges and opportunities in the marine robotics sector, encouraging innovation and collaboration between industry and government. It seeks to streamline regulations and provide a clear growth path for the UK’s autonomous marine systems. The event will present the results of workshops conducted by the Society of Maritime Industries, focusing on how designers, manufacturers, and operators of marine robotics can work together safely. Key industry figures have highlighted concerns about the slow pace of legislation and the need for regulation to keep up with technological advancements. They emphasize the potential of marine robotics in reducing emissions and improving efficiency in the sector. The event aims to promote dialogue and collaboration to unlock the full potential of the UK’s marine robotics sector.

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