Equinor Provides Maersk with Short-Term Green Methanol Supply for Feeder Ship

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Maersk has secured a short-term supply of green methanol from Equinor to fuel its new feeder ship, which is seen as a demonstrator for the future of net zero operations in the shipping industry. The agreement with Equinor will provide green methanol that meets Maersk’s goals of low greenhouse gas emissions. The new feeder ship, the first to be built with dual-fuel engines, recently completed a trip to Rotterdam using green fuel. The vessel will enter service on Maersk’s Northern Europe loop into the Baltic Sea.

The green methanol will be produced from biogas from manure, which will be bunkered in Rotterdam. The biogas is upgraded to bio-methane and injected into the existing gas grid, and the methanol is produced from the bio-methane on a mass-balance basis. The green fuel will be used during the feeder ship’s initial months of operation, and in the long term, the vessel will be fueled by e-methanol from a plant in Southern Denmark.

Maersk aims to have a quarter of its ocean operations using green fuels by 2030. The feeder ship will serve as a learning platform for future crews and operational training. Maersk has 24 additional methanol vessels on order and has a policy to only order new, owned vessels with a green fuel capability. The company is also working to support the growth of the e-methanol supply and infrastructure with partnerships and investments in a global network.

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