Bangladesh River Routes Abandoned Due to Dredging Irregularities

10 waterways in Bangladesh abandoned due to dredging irregularities
The Bangladesh Inland Transport Authority abandoned ten routes due to irregularities in river dredging, as reported by the Shipping and Communication Reporters Forum. Launches do not operate on these routes, blaming lack of navigability. Environmental activists and experts criticize the lack of transparency and accountability in dredging operations. Owners allege widespread irregularities and corruption.
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According to a recent report released by the Shipping and Communication Reporters Forum (SCRF), ten river routes in Bangladesh have been abandoned due to irregularities in river dredging by the Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority (BIWTA). The lack of navigability on these waterways has led to launches not being able to operate, causing a major transportation crisis.

Environmental activists and experts cited in the report claim that the lack of transparency and accountability in the excavation and dredging operations is a significant factor contributing to the poor navigability of the waterways. The SCRF alleges that the BIWTA’s practices have led to widespread irregularities and corruption, preventing water transport companies and the general public from benefitting from the government’s funding in this sector.

Despite the government’s efforts to provide adequate funding for dredging operations, the desired results in restoring the navigability of the rivers have not been achieved after 15 years. The SCRF has criticized the BIWTA’s lack of transparency and accountability, accusing the authority of working according to its own wishes rather than serving the public interest. This situation has left many river routes abandoned and inaccessible to launches, impacting water transport operations in Bangladesh.

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