Ocean Infinity and Shell Sign 5-Year Agreement for Lean-Crewed Vessels

Ocean Infinity, a leader in robotic vessel technology, has signed a Global Framework Agreement with Shell for seabed geomatics services. The agreement spans 5 years and includes the use of lean-crewed vessels for efficient operations. This collaboration aims to transform the offshore energy sector with innovative and sustainable solutions.
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Ocean Infinity, a leader in robotic and uncrewed vessel technology, has signed a Global Framework Agreement (GFA) with Shell, focusing on providing lean-crewed and robotic seabed geomatics services in the offshore energy sector. The agreement spans a 5-year period and includes Shell’s operations worldwide, utilizing Ocean Infinity’s Armada fleet of uncrewed and lean-crewed vessels. These vessels are designed to be fuel-efficient and capable of operating with minimal crew, with data processing done from onshore Operations Centres.

The partnership between Ocean Infinity and Shell began with a project in Mauritania, using Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USVs) for oil and gas operations. The agreement aims to introduce new, lean-crewed vessels for high-value field work, transforming the maritime industry into safer and more efficient practices. By working through framework agreements like this, the companies can reduce lead times, risks, and improve strategic alignment, leading to faster data delivery and more sustainable operations.

Katya Krylova, VP of Business Development at Ocean Infinity, highlighted the benefits of the agreement, emphasizing the efficiency and sustainability of operations through optimized resource allocation and reduced transit times. The collaboration between Shell and Ocean Infinity is based on a shared vision for innovative ways of working in the offshore energy sector, utilizing robotic technology to enhance safety and efficiency in operations.

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