Philippine Government Working to Secure Release of Captive Seafarers in Yemen

The Philippine government is working tirelessly to secure the release of 17 Filipino seafarers held captive by Houthi rebels in Yemen. Despite the challenges, efforts are ongoing to bring the seafarers home safely. President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. is in Germany to strengthen cooperation in the maritime sector for the protection of Filipino seafarers.
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The Philippine government provided reassurance to the families of 17 Filipino seafarers who are still being held captive by Houthi rebels in Yemen. The Department of Foreign Affairs stated that efforts are being made for the release of the seafarers, who have been held for over a hundred days. Despite the challenges, the government is working with friendly governments to secure their release, although the rebels have indicated that they are waiting for an end to the conflict in Gaza before releasing the ship and crew.

While the seafarers are not in the best condition, they are safe and able to communicate with their families. The rebels have promised not to harm the hostages but are adamant about the need for a resolution to the conflict in Gaza before releasing them. The recent attack on the True Confidence ship in the Gulf of Aden resulted in casualties among Filipino crew members, prompting calls for increased protection for Filipino seafarers.

President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s visit to Germany included discussions on strengthening cooperation in the maritime sector and ensuring the safety of Filipino seafarers on German-flagged vessels. The joint declaration of intent signed during the visit aims to facilitate maritime trade and enhance the mobility of Philippine and German-owned vessels. The government remains committed to securing the release of the captive seafarers and providing support to their families during this challenging time.

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