Somali Pirates Capture Bangladeshi Ship, Crews Unharmed

The ship's chief officer reassured loved ones on Facebook, stating they were safe amidst a pirate attack. Kabir Group's media adviser confirmed the crew's well-being, with pirates in control of the ship but no harm done. Efforts to communicate with the pirates were ongoing through various channels.
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The ship’s chief officer, Atik Ullah Khan, reassured his family and friends in a Facebook post at 5:00 pm (Bangladesh time) that the crew was safe and not to worry. He tagged his loved ones in the post to inform them of their well-being. The media adviser for Kabir Group, Mizanul Islam, confirmed that the crew members were unharmed and that the pirates had taken control of the ship. Despite not being able to contact the pirates directly, efforts were being made through local and international media to communicate with them.

The crew members were reported to be safe and unharmed, with no attacks from the pirates. The ship’s situation was under control, although the pirates had taken over. Mizanul Islam stated that communication with the pirates was ongoing through various media channels in an attempt to resolve the situation peacefully. The crew members were in contact with the authorities and efforts were being made to ensure their safety and well-being during this challenging time.

The report provided updates on the crew’s condition and the status of the ship under pirate control. Despite the concerning situation, the crew members were confirmed to be safe and efforts were being made to establish communication with the pirates. The media adviser’s statement reassured the public that the crew members were unharmed and that steps were being taken to resolve the situation through communication with the pirates.

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