Enata and Mirarri Collaborate to Design a 17m Yacht

Enata partners with Mirarri, led by Rashed Al Shaali, to create a groundbreaking 16.7-meter yacht designed by Timur Bozca. The collaboration signifies a new era in luxury yachting, blending innovation and excellence. The vessel will feature Enata's Wingman system and showcase cutting-edge design and engineering. Excitement builds for its 2025 debut.
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Enata has partnered with Mirarri, a visionary yacht brand led by Rashed Al Shaali, to bring to life a groundbreaking 16.7-meter yacht designed by Timur Bozca with a full carbon hull. This collaboration signifies a significant milestone in the marine industry, as it combines innovation and excellence to redefine luxury yachting. The partnership aims to set a new standard in the sector by showcasing Enata’s cutting-edge Wingman system and delivering a vessel that combines innovation, luxury, and performance.

Rashed Al Shaali, with a prestigious background in the marine industry, is excited about the collaboration, stating that it is a proud moment for Mirarri to work with Enata and Timur Bozca. The Mirarri yacht, set to be unveiled in 2025, promises a seamless blend of futuristic aesthetics and organic elements, offering unparalleled comfort and sophistication to discerning travelers. Enata’s strong track record in the B2B sector, coupled with its expertise in aerospace technology, ensures exceptional quality standards in the Mirarri project.

The Enata Group, an international manufacturing group based in the UAE, is known for its flying 9.8-meter carbon Foiler and its expertise in marine, aerospace, and architecture R&D and manufacturing. The Mirarri yacht project exemplifies Enata’s commitment to excellence and its ability to push the boundaries of yacht design and engineering. With the vessel’s construction underway, anticipation is high for its completion and the introduction of Mirarri’s vision of luxury yachting reimagined to the world.

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