Encouraging P&I Club Members to Embrace Situational Awareness Technology

The new situational awareness system by Orca AI improves decision-making in poor weather and congested waters. NorthStandard's Get SET program will offer the AI-based system to members, incentivizing adoption to enhance safety. CEO Yarden Gross emphasizes the importance of advanced technologies in maritime operations for efficiency and sustainability.
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NorthStandard has partnered with Orca AI to integrate their situational awareness system into the Get SET portfolio, aimed at enhancing safety for Club members, ships’ crews, and assets. By subsidizing investments in the Orca AI platform, NorthStandard aims to incentivize members to adopt the technology, which supports bridge teams in improving their situational awareness and reducing close-quarters situations that could lead to collisions.

Yarden Gross, Chief Executive of Orca AI, expressed excitement about the collaboration with NorthStandard, highlighting the potential of AI-driven technologies to revolutionize decision-making and operational transparency in the maritime industry. Gross emphasized the need to automate and optimize tasks such as watch-keeping to ensure efficient and sustainable sailing from Point A to Point B.

Orca AI’s system, installed on the monkey island of ships, consists of eight high-precision cameras providing a 225° field-of-view coverage, along with forward-looking infrared thermographic imaging devices. The company has already installed systems on ships belonging to major owners like Maran Tankers, MSC, NYK, and Seaspan, with plans to continue installations at a steady pace to enhance operational efficiency and safety at sea.

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