FLNG Gimi has been delivered and is en route to Africa

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Golar LNG has announced that the FLNG Gimi has departed Singapore’s Seatrium Shipyard and is now sailing under its own propulsion, supported by an escort tug, toward BP’s purpose-built Greater Tortue Ahmeyim (GTA) hub offshore Mauritania and Senegal. The voyage is expected to take around 60 days, including refuelling stops in Mauritius prior to rounding the Cape of Good Hope and in Namibia prior to its arrival. Once moored and connected to the hub, the start of contractual cash flows under the 20-year Lease and Operate Agreement on the GTA field is expected.

Golar CEO Karl-Fredrik Staubo expressed his satisfaction with the completion of the FLNG Gimi conversion and thanked Seatrium, Black and Veatch, and other suppliers for another successful FLNG delivery. With Gimi soon on site for start-up of operations, Golar will double its operating fleet of FLNGs and bring total installed liquefaction capacity up to 5.1mtpa. The company looks forward to having FLNG Gimi in operation and to continued long-term cooperation with BP, Kosmos, and the national oil and gas companies of Mauritania and Senegal. Golar is committed to enabling monetization of attractive proven gas fields through its market-leading operational track record, attractive capex/ton of liquefaction capacity, and efficient emissions/ton produced LNG.

The FLNG Gimi’s departure marks a significant milestone for Golar LNG as it expands its operating fleet of FLNGs and increases its total installed liquefaction capacity. The company is looking forward to the start of operations at the GTA hub and is committed to continued cooperation with its partners in Mauritania and Senegal. Golar CEO Karl-Fredrik Staubo expressed his gratitude to the suppliers and the team for the successful delivery of the FLNG Gimi and emphasized the company’s commitment to enabling the monetization of proven gas fields through its operational track record and efficient LNG production.

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