Fuel lifecycle analysis will change the roadmap for decarbonization

The  lternative Fuels and Carbon Pricing Panel at SMLME23
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Experts in the marine industry have said the sector needs to consider a “fuel life cycle assessment approach” that takes into account the emissions from the production and transportation of fuels to redefine a fuel’s environmental friendliness. Speaking at a conference, Panos Koutsourakis of ABS predicted that fossil fuels would retain their importance even as new fuels such as LNG and methanol come into play, thanks to increased fuel efficiency. Koutsourakis said that if a fuel life cycle assessment approach were implemented, it would have a major impact on the industry’s choice of fuels.
Carbon pricing is seen as essential by the industry to drive its decarbonization. Domagoj Baresic, of the UCL Energy Institute, said that regulation was key to determining carbon pricing. He suggested the maritime sector could set an ambitious carbon pricing level for 2050 that would gradually become more rigid over time and create a transparent framework. Dr. Alexandra Ebbinghaus of Shell Marine said she feared the potential for fuels to be priced out of the market by carbon pricing and said that regulation was required to create a level playing field.

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