NYK’s LNG hybrid car transporters are said to use 40% less energy

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Japanese shipping company NYK Line has installed emission reduction, energy management and digital optimization systems on its new vessels, the Jasmine Leader and Wild Rose Leader. The pair of 4,000 vehicle-carrying PCTCs are expected to use 40% less energy than conventional ships in the fleet, delivering savings that exceed current and future requirements for carbon intensity while also exceeding the current IMO greenhouse gas emissions target for 2030. The dual-fuel LNG battery layout of the vessels is powered by two-stroke engines and batteries connected to shaft generators and bow thruster drives. WinGD’s X-DF2.0 engine installations use Intelligent Control by Exhaust Recycling technology to reduce methane slip by half while enabling significant efficiency gains.

NYK Line also installed the WinGD Integrated Digital Expert engine monitoring and diagnostic systems, which compare the actual performance of engines with the optimal performance of a digital twin. The systems detect anomalies and advise shipboard and shore personnel on troubleshooting and maintenance. Keita Fukunaga, Deputy Head of Ship Design Team, Technical Group at NYK Line, said the LNG hybrid ships are among the most advanced and efficient car carriers ever built and are central to the company’s fleet renewal plan to achieve net zero emissions by 2050. With WinGD’s engine, energy management and digital monitoring systems, they represent an important step toward decarbonization of vehicle transport for the firm’s customers.

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