Maritime Economic Development in Coastal Areas: Key Driver for Indonesia’s Economic Growth

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Maritime economic development in coastal areas in Indonesia has the potential to contribute positively to the country’s economic growth target. The Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture, Muhadjir Effendy, stated that developing resilient coastal areas is necessary to achieve excellent human resources and an advanced Indonesia. With 63.2 percent of districts and cities in Indonesia located in coastal areas, these regions have strategic value and various potentials in sectors such as tourism, fisheries, and biodiversity. Effendy emphasized the importance of creating regulations that suit the unique situations and sociocultural conditions of each coastal area, rather than relying on Jakarta-centric or Java-centric policies.

Effendy highlighted that sustainable coastal protection and management will directly impact the welfare of the surrounding communities. He urged policymakers to tailor their decisions to the potential and needs of each region, rather than using Jakarta and Java as the sole reference points. Effendy’s appeal comes as a response to the ineffectiveness of implementing policies that do not consider the unique potential of each region in Indonesia. By focusing on the development and empowerment of coastal areas, the country aims to achieve its economic growth target and contribute 15 percent to the GDP by 2045.

In conclusion, maritime economic development in coastal areas is seen as a key driver for Indonesia’s economic growth. Effendy emphasized the need to develop resilient coastal areas that can harness their unique potentials and contribute to the welfare of the surrounding communities. By creating regulations that consider the local situations and sociocultural conditions, policymakers can ensure the effective development and management of these strategic regions. Effendy’s call to move away from Jakarta-centric or Java-centric policies reflects the need to prioritize the diverse potential of each coastal area in Indonesia.

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