Grants and Sops for methanol fueled ships are in the works

Grants and tranquilizers for methanol fueled ships are in the works
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The NITI Aayog is in talks with the Ministry of Shipping to determine how the government can assist companies with the development and conversion of diesel engines to methanol. The government may provide grants or financial aid to companies interested in creating methanol-powered seagoing vessels to address marine pollution and meet international obligations. The Aayog’s internal estimations show that a 100% methanol engine could cost between ₹20-50 million and it could take over a year and a half to implement. The conversion cost per vehicle ranges from 30-40 lakh. The goal is to convert roll-on and roll-off vessels and 500 barges to run on 100% methanol, replacing heavy fuel oil or bunker fuel, which will decrease pollutants in seas and rivers.

The International Maritime Organization regulations require Indian ships to switch to clean fuel to reduce sulfur particles emissions. The regulations lowered the global cap on sulfur in marine fuel oil to 0.50% effective January 2020. SDG 14 aims to accomplish 10 goals by 2030 to achieve sustainable development below water, and India has made a commitment to achieving these goals.



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