Great Lakes freighter Mark W. Barker briefly touches down on the Detroit River

The bulk carrier Mark W. Barker pictured underway on maiden voyage. Viewed from the front.
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The Mark W Barker, a new self-unloading bulk carrier, ran aground on Belle Isle in the Detroit River while carrying 21,000 tons of salt from Cleveland to Milwaukee on Wednesday. The ship experienced a loss in performance and maneuverability and struck the soft bank of the channel after unexpectedly turning to port. The vessel was refloated with the help of a commercial towing company and there were no reported casualties, damage to the ship or pollution risk. The US Coast Guard and investigators will assess any damage at Belle Isle anchorage before the ship resumes its voyage.

The Mark W Barker was built by Fancantieri Bay Shipbuilding and delivered to Interlake Steamship Company in early 2022, and is used to transport raw materials such as salt, iron ore and stone throughout the Great Lakes region. With a deadweight tonnage of 28,000 tons, the ship was developed in-house by Interlake Steamship Company, Fincantieri Bay Shipbuilding and Bay Engineering, and features an innovative cargo hold layout and hatch covers for maximum cubic capacity and the ability to handle difficult cargo. The vessel is believed to be the first US Great Lakes service ship to be built since 1983.

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