Groke to Provide Ships with Situational Awareness Technology

Finland-based Groke Technologies is collaborating with BAR Technologies to develop situational awareness systems for the WindWings wind propulsion technology. The partnership aims to enhance safety and efficiency in the maritime industry, utilizing advanced camera and imaging solutions. This innovative approach combines automation technologies with low carbon propulsion for a cleaner future.
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Groke Technologies, a maritime tech company based in Finland, has partnered with BAR Technologies to design and develop situational awareness systems for the WindWings wind propulsion technology. This partnership comes after the successful installation of WindWings sails on the Pyxis Ocean, a Kamsarmax bulker owned by MC Shipping and operated by Cargill. Groke’s camera and imaging solutions were also installed on the vessel. Groke’s CEO, Juha Rokka, expressed confidence in the company’s ability to support the shipping industry in embracing higher safety standards and a cleaner future.

With the maritime industry shifting towards wind-assisted propulsion, Groke Pro provides imagery to the bridge from multiple locations on the vessel, along with an analysis of objects in the vessel’s periphery. This improved situational awareness is achieved through sensor fusion technology, which combines inputs from different sensors on the vessel, including radar, AIS, and Groke Pro’s cameras. BAR Technologies’ CEO, John Cooper, emphasized the importance of partnering with industry specialists like Groke to overcome challenges in operability and drive the industry towards a cleaner and more efficient future.

Powered by machine vision and machine learning, Groke’s tools offer real-time risk analysis and blending to provide accurate information to the vessel crew, supporting their decision-making process. This partnership between Groke Technologies and BAR Technologies represents a significant step towards integrating low carbon propulsion and automation technologies in the maritime industry. Both companies are dedicated to advancing the industry towards a more sustainable future through innovation and collaboration.

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