The distress call from the ship before the Baltimore Bridge crash helped save lives

overhead view of baltimore bridge
A ship crash into a bridge in Baltimore prompted a mayday warning, prompting officials to block traffic and save lives. The incident involved a 32,000-ton ship, the Dali, colliding with the Francis Scott Key Bridge, causing temporary loss of propulsion. Search and rescue operations are ongoing, with six construction workers missing.
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Maryland Governor Wes Moore praised the mayday warning from the ship that crashed into a bridge in Baltimore, crediting it with saving lives by allowing officials to block cars from crossing the bridge. Despite the incident, Moore mentioned that officers were able to stop traffic before many vehicles could get onto the bridge, preventing potential fatalities. The collision involved the Dali, a 32,000-ton ship carrying around 4,900 containers, and resulted in eight construction workers on the bridge being affected, with six still missing.

According to Moore, the Singapore-flagged ship experienced a power outage before hitting the bridge at a high speed of around eight knots. Given the ongoing search and rescue efforts, there is currently no set timetable for when navigation in the area will resume. The Port of Baltimore, known for its handling of cars and light trucks, is a major hub on the U.S. East Coast. The Maritime and Ports Authority of Singapore stated that the Dali experienced a temporary loss of propulsion, leading it to be unable to maintain its intended course.

The Singapore Ports Authority mentioned that the Dali dropped its anchors as part of its emergency response before colliding with the bridge and was under pilot duty at the time of the incident. The ship’s manager and operator, Synergy Marine, provided information about the situation, which ultimately resulted in the ship’s loss of control. The investigation and cleanup efforts continue, with authorities concentrating on the immediate aftermath of the collision.

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