GTI Mumbai awarded safety standard at OHSSAI Awards

GTI wins safety standard at OHSSAI Awards
GTI receives Gold Rating awards at the Annual HSE Excellence Conclave 2023 by OHSSAI Foundation, recognized for safety initiatives and innovative products. The Twist Lock initiative for external truck drivers showcased GTI's pioneering efforts in security practices. COO Mr. Sunay Mukerjee awarded for driving safety initiatives, highlighting GTI's commitment to safety culture.
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GTI, a terminal in Mumbai known for its strong focus on safety and innovative safety initiatives, recently received the prestigious Gold Rating awards at the Annual HSE Excellence Conclave 2023 organized by the OHSSAI Foundation. The terminal was awarded with a GOLD rating, along with four-star ratings in the categories OHSSAI SAFETY AWARD and OHSSAI Award for Innovative Products. This recognition highlights GTI’s commitment to safety and its efforts to promote safety not only within the workplace but also in the communities surrounding the terminal.

One of the innovative safety initiatives by GTI that was recognized with the OHSSAI Innovative Product award was the Twist Lock initiative, aimed at improving the safety of external truck drivers. This initiative showcases GTI’s dedication to implementing security practices and innovative solutions to enhance security standards and reduce potential risks in the operational area. Mr. Sunay Mukerjee, the COO of GTI, was also honored with the HSE&S Leadership Award for his role in driving safety initiatives both within the workplace and beyond.

The OHSSAI Safety Awards are a benchmark for organizations that prioritize safety in their business operations. The recognition of GTI’s integrated and embedded HSSE design at the event underscores the terminal’s commitment to promoting a safety culture. Through comprehensive training programs and proactive safety measures, GTI has built a vigilant workforce that is equipped with the skills and knowledge to identify safety risks and address them effectively. Congratulations to Team GTI for their achievements in promoting safety excellence.

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