PM Modi Inaugurates Maritime Projects in Kolkata to Enhances Port Safety and Efficiency

In a groundbreaking moment for Kolkata's development, Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated transformative projects to enhance maritime infrastructure and safety. The Augmented Fire Fighting System and 3rd Rail Mounted Quay Crane at Berth No. 11 signify a pivotal advancement in port safety and operational efficiency, promising a safer and more efficient environment for port operations.
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Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently inaugurated key maritime projects in Kolkata, signaling a significant step towards enhancing infrastructure and safety in the region. The introduction of the Augmented Fire Fighting System and the 3rd Rail Mounted Quay Crane at Berth No. 11 represents a major advancement in port safety and operational efficiency. These projects, with a combined budget of over Rs. 160 crore, aim to meet stringent safety guidelines and boost cargo handling capacity, ultimately ensuring quicker and more efficient port operations.

The Sagarmala Programme, spearheaded by the Ministry of Ports, Shipping, and Waterways, has been instrumental in driving the developmental progress in West Bengal. With 62 projects worth Rs. 16,300 crore under monitoring, the programme has already led to improved connectivity, reduced traffic congestion, and enhanced maritime operations in the region. The upcoming projects, including the establishment of a Centre for Maritime Technology and anti-erosion measures along the river, are set to further bolster maritime operations and protect local habitats.

The event also marked the foundation stone laying for the reconstruction of Berth No. 8 and the mechanization of Berth Nos. 7 & 8 at the Kolkata Dock System, with a projected cost of Rs. 805 crore. This initiative, to be executed on a Public-Private Partnership basis, is expected to significantly increase the port’s capacity and operational efficiency through the introduction of modern handling equipment. These efforts not only demonstrate the government’s commitment to modernizing port infrastructure but also set the stage for future growth and development in the maritime sector, fostering economic growth and sustainability in the broader maritime landscape.

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