HD KSOE Develops World’s First AI-Equipped Ship

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South Korean shipbuilder Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries has developed the world’s first ship equipped with an AI system that mimics human engineers, sailors, and deckhands. The liquefied natural gas (LNG)-powered bulk carrier is equipped with two AI-based automated navigation systems called HiCBM and HiCAMS. These systems, known as autonomous machinery health management and autonomous safety management systems, can diagnose the status of key ship equipment in real-time and recognize emergency situations. The ship has been delivered to H-LINE Shipping. The AI systems’ safety and reliability were verified by the American Bureau of Shipping. HD KSOE, the shipbuilder’s affiliate, received approvals in principle for the systems last September.

Hyundai Samho’s development of AI-based autonomous ships reflects the industry’s growing trend towards embracing AI technology. In June 2020, a commercial ship with autonomous sailing systems developed by Avikus, a subsidiary of HD KSOE, successfully crossed the Atlantic without human involvement. The company has also created the position of chief artificial intelligence officer to drive business transformation through ship technology advancements. HD KSOE aims to lead the development and commercialization of comprehensive autonomous ship technologies beyond navigational automation. The company believes that the era of AI and digital technology-based autonomous ships is inevitable.

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