Indian Navy rescues 17 crew, captures 35 pirates from hijacked ship

Indian Navy Successfully Rescues 17 Crew From Hijacked Ship, Captures 35 Pirates - Newsx
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The Indian Navy successfully compelled 35 pirates aboard a merchant vessel to surrender, ensuring the safe evacuation of 17 crew members without any harm. The operation, conducted with precision, involved the use of a multi-faceted approach, including the P-8I maritime patrol aircraft, frontline ships INS Kolkata and INS Subhadra, an HALE unmanned aerial vehicle, and MARCOS commandos air-dropped for the operation via C-17 aircraft. This successful operation came after the Navy had previously thwarted attempts by Somali pirates to hijack ships off the coast of Somalia.

The Indian Navy’s relentless efforts culminated in the surrender of all 35 pirates aboard the MV Ruen vessel that had been commandeered by Somali pirates. Despite facing gunfire, the Navy responded appropriately within international law, using minimal force to neutralize the threat while prioritizing the safety of civilians and crew members. Additionally, an Indian warship and maritime patrol aircraft provided aid to a Bangladeshi-flagged cargo vessel following its hijacking, confirming the safety of the crew held captive by armed pirates.

In recent weeks, the Indian Navy has continued its efforts to assist merchant vessels in the Western Indian Ocean region following attacks, showcasing its unwavering commitment to maritime security and safety. The Navy’s successful operations demonstrate its capability in handling piracy threats and ensuring the safety of seafarers and civilians at sea.

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