Inexperienced crew members must gain knowledge through hands-on experience

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The UK MAIB reports on a bulk carrier's collision with fishing vessels due to distraction and lack of experience. Lessons learned include the importance of a well-balanced plan, constant monitoring, providing guidance to new crew members, and managing risks effectively to prevent accidents at sea. Vigilance and experience are key in ensuring maritime safety.
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A recent Safety Digest from the UK MAIB highlighted a collision incident involving a medium-sized bulk carrier and two fishing vessels. The bulk carrier’s OOW communicated with the fishing vessels to agree on a collision avoidance plan, but distractions on the bridge led to a delayed response to the situation. The bulk carrier ended up colliding with one of the fishing vessels, causing substantial damage.

Lessons learned from the incident include the importance of having a well-balanced plan that considers all risks and trade-offs, as well as the need for constant monitoring of the situation. It also emphasizes the importance of providing effective training and guidance to new and junior crew members to help them navigate challenging situations at sea.

The collision had significant consequences for the fishing vessel, which suffered damage to its derrick and fishing gear. The skipper’s proactive response to the accident, including seeking guidance and making contingency plans, ultimately led to the safe return of the damaged vessel and crew back to port. This incident serves as a reminder of the risks involved in maritime operations and the importance of staying alert and prepared for unexpected events.

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