Iran Grants Consular Access to Indian Crew of Seized Ship for Possible Release

Iran has granted consular access to the mostly Indian crew of a Portuguese-flagged ship seized by Iranian forces, raising hopes for their release and extradition. The crew, including the sole woman cadet Ann Tessa Joseph, is in good health. Indian officials are in constant touch with their families, navigating contractual obligations for their return.
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Iran has announced that the mostly Indian crew of a Portuguese-flagged ship seized by Iranian forces two weeks ago will be granted consular access, potentially leading to their early release and extradition. The decision came after a phone conversation between Portugal’s Foreign Minister and his Iranian counterpart, during which they discussed bilateral relations and the situation in the region, including the recent developments in Palestine. Iran stated that the release of the crew is being considered as a humanitarian issue.

The sole woman cadet among the 17 Indian crew members, Ann Tessa Joseph, was released on April 18 following efforts by the Indian mission in Tehran and the Iranian government. The remaining 16 Indian crew members are in good health and have been given consular access by Iranian authorities. However, there are technicalities and contractual obligations that need to be addressed before their return can be finalized.

The Indian Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson mentioned that Indian officials are in constant touch with the crew members and their families. The return of the remaining crew members will depend on resolving the technicalities and contractual obligations, indicating that the process may take some time before they can be reunited with their families. The situation is being closely monitored to ensure the safe return of all crew members.

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