Sarawak Transport Ministry Shines Spotlight on Career Opportunities in Maritime Sector

Deputy Minister of State Transport Ministry Dato Henry Harry Jinep emphasizes the need for young people to pursue maritime studies and enter the industry. With a growing demand for skilled professionals, the shipping industry offers rewarding career opportunities for those with the right qualifications. PMSB Maritime Training Centre in Miri plays a crucial role in training local seafarers.
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Deputy Minister of State Transport Ministry Dato Henry Harry Jinep emphasized the importance of maritime studies and the opportunities available in the industry for young people. He highlighted the need for more recruits and trained experts in the shipping industry due to its growth. Despite the challenges and specialized skills required, a career in maritime studies can lead to lucrative prospects for those with the right qualifications.

The closing ceremony of Marine Deck Training at Pelita Maslaut Sdn Bhd (PMSB) in Lutong saw Henry presenting course completion certificates to 17 young seafarers. PMSB Maritime Training Centre offers specialized courses outlined by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) and has expanded its operations to various locations, training local seafarers who have gone on to secure jobs in both local and foreign companies. The Sarawak government commends PMSB for its contributions to developing a talent pool and boosting the nation’s shipping industry and economic growth.

In attendance at the ceremony were PMSB director Masni Amit, PMSB Training and Operation director Mohamad Safrin Masni, and other officials. Henry commended the graduates for their hard work and dedication, emphasizing the importance of parents supporting their children’s training as a contribution to economic growth. The event highlighted the success and impact of PMSB in creating opportunities for young people in the maritime industry.

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