Join in the World Maritime Day festivities with OSM Thome!

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OSM Thome will be celebrating World Maritime Day 2023 on September 28 with the theme “MARPOL at 50 – Our Commitment Goes On.” The Corporate Communications and Marketing team is inviting seafarers to participate by submitting videos and photos taken onboard. These assets should focus on the prevention of pollution in the marine environment caused by ships. They should highlight waste management and pollution prevention activities, adherence to safety standards during operations, and any marine life encountered.

Seafarers are also requested to include a video greeting saying “HAPPY WORLD MARITIME DAY.” The videos and photos must be in landscape or horizontal format and of good quality. Multiple assets can be submitted, but videos should be no longer than 30 seconds. No edits or filters should be applied to the materials. The deadline for submission is September 15, 2023.

It is important to note that by submitting the materials, seafarers are consenting to their use for marketing purposes. They should also ensure that they have informed and obtained the consent of any individuals shown in the assets. Safety gear is mandatory while capturing the videos and photos.

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