KRISO receives ABS award for offshore hydrogen/ammonia production platform

ABS Issues AIP for an Offshore Hydrogen/Ammonia Production Platform from KRISO
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The Korea Research Institute of Ships & Ocean Engineering (KRISO) has received approval in principle from ABS for their offshore hydrogen and ammonia production platform design. This design produces green hydrogen using electricity generated by a wind farm. It includes a desalination system, an electrolysis system, a compression system, a nitrogen generation system, and an ammonia synthesis system. The ABS review focused on the safety and feasibility of the concept.

ABS Vice President, Global Sustainability, Panos Koutsourakis, stated that hydrogen is a crucial component in building a sustainable energy landscape, and the shipping industry is well-positioned to play a key role in this initiative. KRISO President Keyyong Hong emphasized the platform’s ability to produce hydrogen and ammonia without carbon emissions using renewable marine energy. KRISO plans to continue developing sustainable marine energy and green ship technologies to achieve net-zero emissions in the future.

ABS is known for its services in decarbonization and sustainability programs, and they provide further information on their website.

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