Maritime University Approved for Ratnagiri

Chief Minister Eknath Shinde approved the establishment of India's new maritime university in Ratnagiri district, fulfilling a long-standing demand. The university will offer courses in oceanography, maritime history, law, and regulations, aiming to enhance education and research in these fields. With an estimated cost of Rs 500 to Rs 600 crore, this initiative is a significant step towards promoting maritime studies in Maharashtra.
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A few months ago, Chief Minister Eknath Shinde visited Ratnagiri district, where the demand for institutions like a maritime university was raised. Ratnagiri district is now set to have a maritime university spread across 50 acres of land, as announced by MLA and Ratnagiri Guardian Minister Uday Samant. The Chief Minister approved this demand along with a government law college for the district.

Sindhu Swadhyay Sanstha (SSS) at Mumbai University has been offering courses in oceanography and fishery technology since 2015. With plans to expand its programs in Ratnagiri, Vengurla, and Palghar, SSS aims to cater to Maharashtra’s extensive coastline. The new maritime university will provide courses in oceanography, maritime history, law, and regulations, emphasizing the importance of education and research in these fields.

The establishment of the maritime university and law college in Ratnagiri is estimated to cost between Rs 500 to Rs 600 crore and Rs 25 crore, respectively. This approval is seen as a significant opportunity for maritime studies and research in the district, with the district administration agreeing to provide 50 acres of land for these projects. The announcement for the maritime university was initially made during Chief Minister Shinde’s Konkan tour in March, with the approval finally granted on July 3.

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