Mitsubishi’s ammonia fuel system showcased for ships.

Ammonia Gas Abatement System demonstration facility. Photo courtesy of Mitsubishi.
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Mitsubishi Shipping Co. is showcasing its ammonia handling system, called the Mitsubishi Ammonia Supply and Safety System (MAmmoSS), which aims to support the use of ammonia as a marine fuel. This system is expected to contribute to a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in the maritime sector. As part of the MAmmoSS, Mitsubishi has also been testing the Ammonia Gas Abatement System (AGAS), which treats excess ammonia. The company plans to tailor both the high pressure/low-pressure ammonia fuel supply system and the ammonia fuel tank to meet the requirements of various vessels. Mitsubishi has sent its ammonia fuel supply system for testing to the Japan Engine Corporation.

Mitsubishi Shipping Co. will adhere to the safety and reliability guidelines set by its parent company, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI), in order to produce a secure product. The company plans to combine its expertise in ammonia handling, acquired through its history in constructing transport ships, with its onboard ammonia handling systems created as a manufacturer. The AGAS system will be demonstrated at Mitsubishi’s test facility in Nagasaki, Japan, with simulations of onboard operations. MHI aims to provide consumers with carbon-free fuel by 2030 and reach net-zero emissions by 2040, ten years ahead of the International Maritime Organization’s 2050 target.

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