MV Dali’s recovery hampered by high-pressure gas pipeline malfunction

The Shipwreck MV Dali
Salvage efforts for the MV Dali at Baltimore's Key Bridge were halted due to the discovery of a high-pressure gas pipeline. The Army Corps of Engineers and the US Coast Guard prioritized channel opening, securing/removing the ship, and recovery operations. Resolve Marine heads the recovery, with concern over political pressure and safety delays.
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Salvage efforts to remove the MV Dali from Baltimore’s Key Bridge were halted due to the discovery of a high-pressure gas pipeline beneath the wreckage. The Maryland Port Authority, Army Corps of Engineers, and US Coast Guard outlined their priorities during a meeting, with the first focus being on opening the shipping channel. Resolve Marine, a US-based salvage company, has been tasked with recovering the ship, which is under significant strain from the weight of the bridge debris.

The recovery operation is complicated by the delicate condition of the ship, with experts estimating that 3,000 to 4,000 tons of steel and concrete are resting on the bow. The presence of the high-pressure gas pipeline further complicates the salvage efforts, with safety concerns for workers and the environment taking precedence. Despite political pressure to expedite the operation, salvage teams are prioritizing safety and a thorough investigation of the pipeline before resuming work.

The discovery of the gas pipeline has indefinitely delayed the salvage operation, with the pipeline owner, Baltimore Gas and Electric, isolating and depressurizing the line. Salvage experts emphasize the need for caution and further investigation before resuming work, citing the potential for additional delays even after the pipeline concerns are fully addressed. The safety of the crew, the ship, and the surrounding environment remain top priorities for the salvage teams involved in the operation.

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