Nauti-Craft Revolutionizes Boating Industry with High-Quality Suspension Systems

Nauti-Craft, an Australian firm, revolutionizes the boating industry with high-quality suspension systems, reducing slamming by up to 80%. Their Suspension Equipped Crew Transfer Vessel (SECTV) christening ceremony marked a milestone in marine services. With a commitment to partnerships and innovation, Nauti-Craft aims to reshape the boating industry globally. Contact them for collaboration opportunities.
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Nauti-Craft, an Australian firm, is revolutionizing the boating industry with its high-quality suspension systems that reduce slamming by up to 80% compared to standard catamarans. This innovation not only enhances the comfort and safety of boating enthusiasts and marine workers but also reduces fuel consumption caused by constant resistance from waves. The company’s suspension system absorbs the impact of waves, making sailing adventures more enjoyable and safer for all.

On Earth Day, Nauti-Craft made headlines with the christening ceremony of the first commercial Suspension Equipped Crew Transfer Vessel (SECTV) built by Wallaby Boats in Germany for EnBW. This event marked a significant step towards the company’s mission of improving the global boating industry. With a commitment to meaningful partnerships, Nauti-Craft emphasizes collaboration in creating patented technologies that elevate marine services and safety standards.

Having previously developed automotive suspension technology, Nauti-Craft is now focused on expanding its presence and product offerings in the boating industry. The company’s dedication to innovation and partnership-driven approach has led to the acquisition of patents and proven effectiveness in enhancing safety in various sectors. Nauti-Craft’s future plans involve ramping up efforts through investor partnerships and continuous improvement to reshape the boating industry. Interested potential partners are encouraged to reach out to the company for collaboration opportunities.

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