Carras SA Receives ABS Biofuel-1 Award for Sustainability Efforts

Carras Aquataurus Becomes World’s First Vessel to Earn ABS Biofuel-1 Notation
Carras (Hellas) SA earns the prestigious ABS Biofuel-1 award for the em>Aquataurus Ultramax bulk carrier, the first vessel globally to achieve this recognition. This award recognizes ships utilizing up to 30 percent biofuel to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Carras (Hellas) SA plans to use B30 biofuels in their fleet, showcasing a commitment to sustainability.
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Carras (Hellas) SA has taken a significant step towards sustainability by receiving the ABS Biofuel-1 award for its Aquataurus Ultramax bulk carrier, making it the first ship in the world to achieve this qualification. The award is given to ships that use a biofuel blend of up to 30 percent in accordance with IMO and ABS requirements. Biofuels are renewable liquid hydrocarbon fuels that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions from source to tank, as they are produced from sources such as plants, waste, and fats.

By using biofuels up to B30, with 70 percent consisting of fossil fuels and 30 percent biomass, Carras (Hellas) SA aims to reduce emissions without the need for costly retrofits or new investments in shipbuilding. The Aquataurus is equipped with a Wartsilla main engine and three Yanmar auxiliary engines, making it suitable for trade routes worldwide. ABS has praised Carras (Hellas) SA for their initiative in using biofuels and is dedicated to supporting customers on their journey towards decarbonization.

Through their collaboration with ABS, Carras (Hellas) SA is working towards reducing fleet emissions for the benefit of the environment. Biofuels are seen as a convenient and cost-effective solution for reducing carbon intensity without requiring major modifications to existing equipment. ABS provides industry-leading advice and solutions on alternative fuels, such as biofuels, and has published comprehensive research in collaboration with other organizations to support the maritime industry in adopting sustainable practices.

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