Indian Coast Guard Ship Conducts Pollution Exercise in Manila with Philippine Coast Guard

The Indian Coast Guard ship Samudra Paheredar arrived in Manila's South Harbor for a maritime pollution exercise with the Philippine Coast Guard. The exercise aims to enhance cooperation on future oil spill incidents, with the ICG's specialized vessel designed for containing, recovering, and dispersing oil spills. Bilateral cooperation between the two countries is strengthened through this initiative.
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The Indian Coast Guard ship Samudra Paheredar arrived at Pier 15 in Manila’s South Harbor for a port call, marking the beginning of a four-day maritime pollution exercise aimed at enhancing cooperation on future oil spill incidents. The exercise, involving the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) and Indian Coast Guard (ICG), will conclude on March 28. The ICG’s pollution control vessel, Samura Pahererar, is equipped for containing, recovering, and dispersing oil spills, with the capability to transport recovered oil for further disposal.

The visit of the ICG’s vessel is a result of a memorandum signed last year to strengthen bilateral cooperation between the Philippines and India. Commodore Algier Ricafrente, the PCG’s deputy chief of coast guard staff for international affairs, highlighted the focus on enhancing cooperation in areas such as environmental protection, maritime enforcement, maritime security, maritime search and rescue, and capacity-building activities. The joint efforts aim to improve coordination and response to maritime incidents, particularly in the event of oil spills.

The exercise underscores the commitment of both the PCG and ICG to work together in addressing maritime pollution incidents effectively. By collaborating on various aspects of maritime operations, the two countries seek to enhance their capabilities and preparedness in responding to environmental challenges at sea. The visit of the ICG’s pollution control vessel serves as a tangible demonstration of the ongoing efforts to strengthen cooperation and coordination between the Philippines and India in safeguarding the marine environment.

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