Singapore Cargo Ship Dali Passed Overseas Inspections Before Baltimore Bridge Collapse

The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore revealed that the Dali container ship, involved in the Baltimore bridge collapse, had passed overseas inspections with valid certificates. The ship had a previous issue with a faulty monitor gauge for fuel pressure and is scheduled for further surveys in June 2024. Investigators from Singapore are assisting US authorities in the investigation.
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The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore has stated that the cargo ship Dali, which was involved in the collapse of a bridge in Baltimore, had passed overseas inspections and had valid certificates for its structural integrity and equipment functionality. The ship had undergone two foreign port state inspections in June and September 2023, with the earlier inspection resulting in the fixing of a faulty monitor gauge for fuel pressure. The next classification and statutory surveys for the Dali are due in June 2024.

Singapore’s port authority has sent investigators to Baltimore to assist US authorities in the investigation of the incident. The Dali’s management company, Synergy Marine Pte Ltd, reported that the vessel had a momentary loss of propulsion and collided with the Francis Scott Key bridge. The ship, under pilotage at the time, dropped its anchors as part of emergency procedures before the impact.

Six workers are missing and presumed dead following the collapse of the bridge at the Port of Baltimore, which is the ninth-busiest major port in the US in terms of foreign cargo volume and value. The US Coastguard and Maryland State Police have shifted to a search-and-recovery operation as they do not expect to find any of the missing workers alive.

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