Fortinet and Samsung Heavy Industries Partner for Maritime Cybersecurity

Fortinet and Samsung Heavy Industries signed a Memorandum of Understanding for collaboration in maritime cybersecurity. With the increasing cyber threats in the maritime industry, the two companies aim to enhance cybersecurity measures to comply with new regulations and ensure the safety of ship operations. This partnership will focus on implementing advanced security solutions and technologies for the maritime field.
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Fortinet and Samsung Heavy Industries have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to cooperate in maritime cybersecurity for ships. Samsung Heavy Industries, known for its technological expertise in shipbuilding, will work with Fortinet to enhance cybersecurity measures in response to increasing cyber threats against ships. The International Association of Classification Societies has introduced new regulations, UR E26 and E27, to protect ships from cyber threats, which will be mandatory for new ships contracted for construction after July 1, 2024.

The collaboration between Fortinet and Samsung Heavy Industries will focus on designing and implementing well-hardened maritime cybersecurity solutions to meet the new security regulations. Fortinet will provide support in designing cybersecurity solutions, optimizing solutions for maritime environments, and training on Fortinet products to strengthen OT security for ships built by Samsung Heavy Industries. Through this partnership, both companies aim to broaden the cybersecurity market, enhance the application of leading technologies in the maritime field, and ensure the cyber resilience of new ships.

Samsung Heavy Industries plans to establish an innovative system for OT security during ship construction, while Fortinet will contribute its expertise in OT security to ensure the cyber resilience of onboard systems and equipment. The collaboration aims to support Samsung Heavy Industries in complying with IACS security regulations and strengthen global cooperation in maritime cybersecurity. Fortinet also aims to expand its OT business and enhance OT security and digital innovation in the maritime cybersecurity industry.

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