Seafarers Happiness Index 2024: Positive Trends and Challenges Ahead

The latest Seafarers Happiness Index (SHI) report shows a positive start to 2024, with an overall increase in happiness from 6.36 to 6.94 out of 10. Seafarers reported improvements in financial security, job satisfaction, crew relationships, connectivity, and training. However, challenges like work-life balance and discriminatory practices still persist.
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The latest Seafarers Happiness Index (SHI) report by the Mission to Seafarers shows a positive start to 2024, with an overall increase in seafarer happiness from 6.36 in Q4 2023 to 6.94 out of 10 in Q1 2024. This improvement is driven by positive trends across all aspects of seafarer happiness covered by the survey during this period, including financial security, job satisfaction, and connectivity with loved ones.

The report highlights enhancements in seafarer wellbeing, such as fair wages, positive crew relationships, and improved access to recreational facilities and high-quality food. However, challenges persist, including work-life balance issues, substandard living conditions, and disparities in welfare facilities access. Concerns also arise from allegations of fraudulent working hours reporting, compromising safety standards and seafarer satisfaction.

While the increase in seafarer happiness is a positive sign for 2024, sustained improvement will require meaningful action to address systemic challenges. Advocates for seafarer wellbeing emphasize the importance of addressing issues like work-life balance, discriminatory practices, and fraudulent activities to ensure a better year ahead for seafarers. The report underscores the need for continued vigilance and reforms to enhance seafarer dignity and morale.

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