Gard Report Highlights Seafarer Health and Safety Trends

File photo shows a seafarer standing on the deck of a ship
Marine insurer Gard releases the Gard Crew Damage Report 2024, analyzing 20,000+ cases over five years to highlight seafarer health trends. Chief Claims Officer Christen Guddal emphasizes crew safety's impact on operational safety, citing illness and injury statistics, mental health concerns, and recommendations for improvement. The report aims to spark industry dialogue and promote transparency.
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Gard, a marine insurer, has released the Gard Crew Damage Report 2024, which analyzes five years of data from over 20,000 cases to identify critical trends in seafarer injuries and illnesses. The report aims to emphasize the importance of seafarers’ health and safety, with Gard’s Chief Claims Officer Christen Guddal stating that crew safety is a top priority for the company. The report highlights the impact of crew safety on operational safety, as seafarers’ wellbeing influences their situational awareness and decision-making, affecting the risk of marine accidents.

The report reveals that 64% of crew claims over the past five years were related to illnesses, with costs increasing since 2020. Mental health disorders have also become more prevalent during the pandemic, with an increase in cases of psychological stress and isolation. The main risks to seafarers’ health include poor physical health, noise, insecurity, high job demands, and long working hours. Recommendations include promoting a healthy lifestyle, ensuring adequate rest, improving the physical environment, and increasing mental health awareness and training.

Injuries accounted for 32% of crew claims over the past five years, with urgent treatment needs leading to higher average claims. The most common accidents include crush injuries, burns, heavy lifting, and falls. Gard’s data also shows that slips, trips, falls, and striking objects are the most common causes of injury, particularly during docking. The report highlights the need for greater awareness from ship operators and seafarers to prevent such injuries and reduce the 400 crew deaths recorded by Gard over the last five years. Gard hopes that the report will spark constructive discussions within the industry to improve crew safety.

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