Rotterdam Bridge Collision Causes Inland Cargo Ship to Lose Containers

Residents in Rotterdam witnessed a German vessel, the Monika Deymann, getting stuck under the Willemsbrug bridge, losing containers into the Nieuwe Maas. The incident caused damage to the bridge and waterway, prompting a response from local authorities. This is not the first time such accidents have occurred, with previous incidents in 2020 and 2022.
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A German inland container vessel misjudged clearances in the center of Rotterdam, becoming wedged under the Willemsbrug bridge and losing at least two containers into the waterway. The incident caused a loud bang and scraping metal sounds, prompting a response from the Rotterdam-Rijnmond Safety Region. Divers were able to locate the lost containers in the river current, and the vessel was eventually freed from under the bridge.

The collision caused damage to the bridge, including scrapes on the paintwork and damage to decorative lighting. The inspection revealed damage to some unused pipes that carry gas and water, leading to a temporary closure of the bridge. The authorities blamed the incident on the vessel attempting to move from the city center to the Waalhaven Port during high tide, emphasizing the vessel’s responsibility to determine clearances.

This is not the first time an inland vessel has struck the Willemsbrug bridge, with similar incidents occurring in 2020 and 2022. The authorities highlighted the importance of vessels accurately assessing clearances when navigating through the area to prevent future accidents and damage to the bridge.

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