Sailors’ Society introduces its Cadet Report for 2023/24

Sailors' Society has launched its 2023/4 cadet report, "Generation Z - the future of maritime," providing insights on retention, wellbeing, and diversity from over 4,000 cadets globally. The report challenges stereotypes and highlights the priorities and concerns of the next generation of seafarers, shaping the future of the maritime industry.
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Sailors’ Society has released a report titled “Generation Z – the future of maritime” which provides insights into the future of seafaring. The report includes data on retention, wellbeing, and diversity collected from over 4,000 cadets at the charity’s global Wellness at Sea Maritime Schools’ Conferences across different regions. The report reveals regional differences among cadets, challenges in attracting and retaining talent, and the importance of treating seafarers well.

The data shows that the majority of cadets are concerned about finding a job after training, with UK cadets specifically worried about coping at sea. African and Asian cadets prioritize permanent employment and higher salaries, while UK cadets prefer shorter contracts for more flexibility. However, all cadets agree that the treatment of seafarers is a top priority when choosing an employer, and mistreatment is a key factor in leaving the industry.

The report highlights the changing priorities of Generation Z seafarers and emphasizes the importance of understanding and supporting this younger generation in the maritime industry. With a focus on attracting and retaining top talent, the report aims to shape the future of maritime for the better. The insights provided in the report can help industry stakeholders address challenges and create a more supportive and inclusive environment for future maritime leaders.

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