Royal Caribbean Group to Recruit Thousands of Workers Amid Record Demand

Royal Caribbean Recruiting Thousands to Meet Soaring Cruise Demand, Staff New Ships
Cruise operator Royal Caribbean Group is seeking to hire thousands of workers to keep up with the record demand for cruises worldwide. Bookings hit a new high in 2023, prompting the company to increase its workforce. With plans to hire over 10,000 employees and commission new ships, their growth strategy is in full swing.
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Royal Caribbean Group, a cruise operator, is looking to recruit thousands of workers to staff its ships and private destinations in response to the record demand for cruises. The number of people taking cruises hit a record high in 2023, leading to an increased need for workers as demand continues to grow. The company plans to hire around 10,000 workers this year, with a focus on moderate capacity growth and the commissioning of three new ships in 2024.

In the first quarter, bookings for Royal Caribbean reached a record high, resulting in a 29% increase in quarterly revenue to $3.73 billion. This growth has also been reflected in the company’s share price, which doubled last year and reached a new record. To address the need for more workers, the company is partnering with institutions like the Caribbean Maritime University in Jamaica to expand training programs for careers at sea.

Royal Caribbean is not just focusing on the Caribbean region for recruitment but is also exploring opportunities in other markets such as the Gambia and St. Maarten. The cruise operator is in talks with the Gambia Tourism Board to hire more workers and is engaged in hiring discussions with St. Maarten after conducting a recruitment campaign last year. As the industry continues to expand, the challenge remains in educating potential candidates about career opportunities at sea to meet the growing labor needs of the cruise industry.

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