Ship grounding halts maritime traffic in Istanbul.

A Liberian-flagged bulk carrier, "Alexis," ran aground near Haydarpaşa pier, suspending maritime traffic on the Bosporus. The 229-meter-long vessel experienced engine failure, prompting a rescue operation with fast evacuation boats and divers. The incident highlights the busy nature of the Bosporus, where malfunctions and collisions are not uncommon.
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A Liberian-flagged bulk carrier named “Alexis” experienced engine failure and ran aground near the Haydarpaşa pier while en route from Ukraine to Egypt, resulting in the suspension of two-way maritime traffic on the Bosporus in Türkiye. The 229-meter-long vessel’s predicament prompted a rescue operation involving fast evacuation boats and divers dispatched by the Directorate General of Coastal Safety to assist in saving the carrier. The incident highlighted the challenges posed by malfunctioning vessels in the busy Bosporus waterway, a crucial route for ships traveling between the Black Sea and the Aegean via the Marmara Sea.

The Bosporus, known for its heavy maritime traffic, has seen its share of accidents, with vessels occasionally blocking the passage of other ships or colliding into waterfront properties lining the strait. The incident involving the “Alexis” serves as a reminder of the risks faced by ships navigating through the narrow and congested waterway. The rescue operation was a coordinated effort to ensure the safety of the crew and prevent any further disruptions to maritime traffic in the area, underscoring the importance of swift and effective response measures in such situations.

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