Saudi Arabia introduces new port community system

The President of the General Ports Authority, Omar bin Talal Hariri, announced the launch of the PCS to enhance the efficiency of Saudi port operations. With over 250 electronic services, the system aims to automate processes, unify procedures, and improve stakeholder experience. MAWANI's Smart Ports Initiative further supports these goals.
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The President of the General Ports Authority, Omar bin Talal Hariri, announced the launch of the Port Community System (PCS) as part of MAWANI’s efforts to enhance the efficiency of the Saudi port network through technology. The PCS is set to offer over 250 electronic services in Saudi ports, aiming to automate operational processes and streamline data exchange between government and private sectors. This move aligns with the Smart Ports Initiative launched by MAWANI earlier in 2022, with the goal of improving stakeholder experience and increasing the competitiveness of the Saudi maritime transport sector.

The PCS was unveiled during the international technical conference ‘LEAP 24’, marking a significant step towards modernizing Saudi ports and unifying procedures within the industry. By connecting all relevant parties, the system is expected to facilitate smoother operations and enhance the overall performance of the port network. MAWANI’s focus on leveraging technology to optimize maritime transport services underscores its commitment to driving innovation and efficiency in the sector.

With the implementation of the PCS, MAWANI aims to revolutionize the maritime industry in Saudi Arabia by introducing advanced digital solutions that enhance operational services and support the country’s economic objectives. By automating processes and improving data exchange, the PCS is poised to elevate the efficiency and competitiveness of Saudi ports, ultimately contributing to the growth and development of the maritime transport sector in the region.

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