Kongsberg Maritime and EGGS awarded IF Design Award for EcoAdvisor

Kongsberg Maritime and EGGS have won the prestigious IF Design Award for their EcoAdvisor project. The intelligent decision support system aims to reduce fuel consumption and carbon footprint in vessel operations. The collaboration seamlessly integrated advanced technology into a user-friendly tool, emphasizing innovation and sustainability in the maritime industry.
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Kongsberg Maritime and EGGS have won the prestigious IF Design Award for their collaborative effort on the EcoAdvisor project. The EcoAdvisor is an intelligent decision support system developed by Kongsberg Maritime to optimize vessel operations and reduce fuel consumption and carbon footprint. EGGS, a leading design consultancy, ensured that the advanced technology behind EcoAdvisor was translated into a practical and user-friendly tool.

The EcoAdvisor functions as a digital application used by the Captain, DP operator, and Chief Engineer, with user interfaces on the vessel’s bridge and engine room. It incorporates sensor utilization, data analysis, live feedback mechanisms, and reporting features to enhance efficiency, safety, and crew awareness on savings. The project emerged from the ‘Intelligent Efficiency’ research initiative, a collaboration between Kongsberg Maritime, vessel operator DOF Subsea AS, and other partners.

Vanessa Lopes, Product Manager at Kongsberg Maritime, highlighted the commitment to driving sustainability and efficiency in the maritime industry through innovative design and technology. Paal Holter, Innovation Director at Sopra Steria, praised the EcoAdvisor for showcasing what is possible when innovative technology meets creative design. The IF Design Award is a highly esteemed competition with rigorous evaluation by design experts from around the world.

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