SHI European “Road Show” presents new ship designs

SHI European "Road Show" presents new ship designs
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Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) debuted its new designs for an LNG tanker and a container ship at the Samsung Technical Seminar in Athens, Greece. The event was attended by 70 people from 35 companies including shipowners such as Minerva, GasLog, Shell and Total. SHI held the event as part of its “Technology Road Show” marketing method for new designs and innovative technology.

One of the designs presented was the “3 Cargo Tank LNGC,” which is designed for greater efficiency and has three cargo tanks instead of the usual four, improving the boil-off rate by more than 5%. The other design presented was the “Eco Container Ship,” which secured additional space for loading 8% more containers by separating the ship’s operating section and the cabin area. SHI also promoted its green ship technologies such as carbon capture storage, fuel cells, ammonia and hydrogen.


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