Tallink Grupp Adopts nauticAi Log Electronic Record Book for Paperless Fleet

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Tallink Grupp, a ferry operator in the Northern Baltic Sea, has chosen the nauticAi Log electronic record book for its fleet of ships. The Silja Symphony, a Swedish-flagged cruise ferry, is the first ship to go paperless with the new system. The decision to adopt the electronic logbook comes after a successful 6-month trial period, during which the system was fine-tuned to meet the logging needs of the company and the Swedish flag. One of the key advantages of the system is its automated collection of emission reporting data. The Chief Engineer of Silja Symphony, Marcus Åkerholm, stated that the implementation of the digital logbook has been going well and praised the customer support during the process. Tallink Grupp aims to reduce paper usage across the group as part of its sustainability strategy, and the adoption of digital logbooks is seen as a big step towards this goal. The company plans to roll out the digital solution across its fleet soon, after successful trials on the Baltic Princess.

The nauticAi Log electronic record book, developed by Finnish maritime IT innovator nauticAi, is designed in accordance with international regulations and can be used to replace paper logbooks. It fully digitalizes the capture of logbook data to reporting systems and business intelligence solutions. The system has been praised for its legibility and ease of use compared to traditional paper logbooks. The success of the pilot program on the Silja Symphony has prompted Tallink Grupp to trial the nauticAi logbooks on its vessel Baltic Princess as well. The company’s sustainability strategy includes reducing paper usage in various business areas, and the adoption of digital logbooks is seen as a significant step towards achieving this goal.

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